The International Center (ICT)

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Field:         International Center For Teaching Arabic for Non-Arabic speakers.
Address: 74Gamal El Din Dwidar st, Region 8, EL wafaa we EL amal station - Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
Contact:   Mr. Ahmed Abd El Baset (GM)
E-mail  :
Tel. No.:    00202.22742455 
Mobile  :    0020100896667- 0020111299257

The International Center for teaching Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers.

There is no doubt that languages have their position in our lives, as by them man was distinguished from all other creatures, and through them, mankind communicates and expresses his needs; through the use of language, human sciences and inventions have spread throughout the regions of the world.

Word also has its role which heavenly religions do not deny. Nor is it rejected by the social customs and traditions and thus learning any language means communicating with the civilization of the people speaking it and becoming familiar with their culture.

The Arabic language has its prominent status in the world as it is a mirror to the Arabic mind, a tool for thought and a vessel for knowledge. It is distinguished by its wealth of vocabulary, its constructions and its literature. Its significance is derived from the fact that it is the vehicle which carried the Arabic culture across the centuries.It is self evident that learning any language can best be achieved through the learner living with the people who speak this language and by coming in close contact with them. Thus the idea of founding The International Centre for Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language revolves around this framework, providing a healthy and formal environment in order to develop the different linguistic skills of those willing to learn Arabic and its literature. The Centre receives students from various countries and of varying ages, and follows an integral and effective approach, employing well qualified teachers and providing a suitable learning environment which is both instructive and enjoyable.THE CENTER ALSO PROVIDE E-LEARNING SERVICE WHICH ENABLE STUDENT TO LEARN ARABIC WHERVER HIS PLACE, SO IF YOU ARE INTERSTED IN E-LEARNING PLEASE CONTACT US
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