Al Assaf Group

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Import -export
Estab. in
Heliopolis - Cairo - Egypt
02 26335065 / 02 26370197
Dr. Mansour H. Assaf
012 3121151 / 012 2409494
02 26335065
ABOUT Al Assaf Group

The Company had been involved in the Egyptian Market since 1979 as trade activities concentrated in the field of export-import of goods between Egypt and Arabian Gulf Countries.
Historical Date for Our Activities
We have Al Assaf Group Comp ‘4’ companies as following:
1- Commerical Engineering Office { Al Assaf)
C.R.206229 Cairo-40306 Sharkia since 1979

2- Al Assaf Packing Agriculture Co.
C.R. 76646 Shakkia

3- Al Assaf Industrial Food Stuff Co. Investment Low 8-1997
C.R: 81658 Sharkia

4- Al Assaf Collection for Juices and cooling

5- Factory for packing Foodstuff. Rested No.3134
Our Activity:
1- We had been involved in the Egyptian Market since 1979 as trade activities concentrated in the field of export-import of goods between Egypt and Arabian gulf countries. Which had been extended to some of east& west European Countries, which continued to some Asian Countries.
2- At 1981 we extended our activities to the rest of all Arabian Countries even in Asia or Africa
3- In 1982 we created a Commercial relationship with most of far east Companies where we managed to represent it as agent within the territories of Egypt & Middle East
4- As we fulfill a distinguished success with our principles we now represent more than 30 Companies all over the world and heir with will find the name and Nationalities of the companies we are already represent it as a sole agent with in the region of the Egypt & others.
1- We anvend 2 branches- the main one is located in Heliopolis Cairo Egypt approved by all officials including the Egyptian chamber of commerce and industry and investment low.

2- Other branch is located in Sharkia goverenrator.
A- Foodstuff and canned food the main acroroty
B- Chemicals.
C- Construction material.
D- Electronic equipment and components (I C S )
E- Electrical equipment ( Lamp-transformer, distributres- wires, clamp, spanner, connectors)
F- Scales and balaneces (Electronic/ Mechanical)
I- Telecommunication equipment
J- Mechanical & electrical machines for various purposes
K- (Spare parts, tires, mats, batteries, air condition) for cars
L- Medical equipment
M- Glass and mirrors
N- Clothes and makeup material
Field of exporting:
A- Cotton Yarn and products
B- Egyptian Foodstuff such as ( rice-orange- vegetables- -------etc)
C- Leather products
Industrial field:
We begen to interfere in the filed of industry beginning 1992 by constructing waxing and packing food stuff factory such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, mango, watermelon and most kind of vegetables and fruits and packing of dry of food stuff such as sugar, rice,……..etc.

The location of the factory is in Sharkia goverenrator (100 Km far from Cairo) and this station included different kind of machine for that purpose, its area is around 6000M, Capacity 20 Ton/ hours the station mentioned above has registed No 3134
Field of agencies under license No.:
A- Constructing of tourism villages by some Romanian principle at Red sea and Mediterranean area

B- Attending international fairs for industrial activities by the products of most of our principles

C-Marketing of products of all the Principles of our agencies in all the territories which we are responsible for, and that is happened with great success, also through local tenders where we represent the principles

D- We showed a distinguished activities in the filed of advertisement and propaganda by all available means which reflect sales promotion for the products of the principles whom we represent.

E- We help also our principles in the filed of training where we can guarantee goods against industrial defects and keep its good repution through castumers all over the markets.

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