Al Gebaly Co.

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Import - Export
Estab. in
Jordon Amman
Suhail Ismael Al Jebali

Our Profile
Sameer Ismael Al jebali & Brothers Co. for Fruit & vegetable import & export has along history of 40 years of experience and production attributed to Ismael Muhammad Al jebali, one of the first exporters of fruits and vegetables in Jordan, and the company held the name of Ismael Muhammad Nabahan Al jebali Upon: which has been changes after his demise.
The mother company established in 1964 in Jordan - Amman .

Our company depends on exporting its Jordanian agricultural products to the Arabian Gulf: mainly Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, and neighboring countries such as Syria and Lebanon, according to the agreements settled upon between The Ministry of Agriculture in Jordan and the Ministry of Agriculture in both Syria and Lebanon .
The sons of Ismael Muhammad Nabahan Al jebali inherited this career from their father, and they still perform their best. Always keeping in mind to develop there career by means of research, experimenting and initiation of opening new markets for our exclusive Jordanian products. Especially in the European markets as the current development under study.
Al jebali for trading co. has been established in Oman - Muscat in 1998 the company imports and exports fresh fruits and vegetables as has been the family trade since 40 years ago.
Our mother company in Jordan took the decision to invest in Egypt due to the investment and its facilities given to investors in the trade of agriculture.
Based upon this we have decided to start “sakkara Co for Exporting Orchid produces”
(Sameer Ismael Al jabli & Co.) in Egypt - Tanta in year 2002.
Our Markets :-
We deal with the variety of global great markets, in Europe,Asia,Africa,Arabian Countries, and the Gulf countries such as:
Europe including:
• England • Germany • Holland

Eastern Europe including:
• Slovenia • Croatia • Ukraine • Poland • Romania

Asia and All Arab gulf countries including:
• Saudi Arabia • Iran • Kuwait • Qatar • Oman • Bahrain
• Jordan • Syria • Iraq • United Arab emirates
African countries including:

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