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King Fisal St. - Cairo
Egypt +202 3849930 - 
kuwait +965 4750638


King Fisal St. - Cairo

Agami Group: is one of the bigness export companies that export fresh vegetables and fruits. Agami Group is an Egyptian company that exports to all the Arab countries specially Gulf Area. It’s like one of the great Nile branch that pours all the Egyptian fertility resources of all kind of fresh vegetables and fruits to the Middle East. From a long time ago, this company expands to Europe, South Africa, Middle Africa, and Asia. The company covered all their needs. Guarantees There is an agriculture team that guarantees with high quality standards. The production process is followed by expert technicians and each product lot is checked and analyzed until it’s picked. The company provides up to date information on how harvests are progressing. Manages all stages of the production process: growing, picking, and packing and shipment via land, sea or air to the final destination. Agami Group works closely with Egypt's top growers carefully monitoring the production process from growing to packing and shipping. By buying the full range of fresh products directly from growers and/or packers all over the world, we are able to market a large variety of fruits and vegetables packed under our own Quality Agami Group constantly busy in keeping the products fresh only using the cold, without resorting into chemical treatment to preserving, fast mature or ungreenish. The fruits and vegetables from Agami Group are good and fresh all the year. All fruit is carefully checked, with the assistance of new technology during all phases of the production process to guarantee full compliance with strict quality standards. The important of the shipping via land, sea or air to the final destination, makes it easy to fulfill the importers needs. There is titan cold system shipping that goes around the Middle East to imports their different products like (Orange, Yam (Sweat Potatoes), Lemon, Mango, Watermelon, Onion, Garlic, Tomatoes). At last not least, we have a membership of the ALAYATA organization in Geneva by no. 9047126 so that we could fulfill all the needs to the consumer from our products.

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