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Verduyn G. NVGalgestraat 9B-8610 Kortemark-Spain
+32 (0)51 57 00 56

Willy Vandenbrande

+32 (0)475 74 42 93
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Verduyn is an international vegetable business with big ambitions and a focused policy.  The company grows, washes, sorts, selects, packs, chops and sells all sorts of fresh vegetables.  We source our products using a committed agricultural service and supply to various sectors.  Industry, the fresh produce market and the food sector all benefit from the quality of our fresh vegetables.  The family company, run by Daniel and Rita Verduyn, has its future assured in the form of its sons, Alexander and Nicolas, who already contribute actively to the company.
Carrot products are our most important speciality.  We are one of the biggest carrot specialists in Europe and as such we offer a gigantic selection of quality carrots for various purposes.Verduyn has always invested in quality and efficiency, and will continue to do so.  We keep close track of all technological innovations, which means that many of our processes are now automated.  We pay close attention to our infrastructure too.  We have already built a number of new, modern production halls.  Verduyn has also set up a logistical process for itself and invested in its own lorry park.  So our services go from planting seeds all the way to delivering a finished product to our customers.  Our team contributes to our excellent products and service.  With a balanced mixture of experience and dynamics we look forward to getting to work for you.
What defines Verduyn?  Flexibility and fast reactions.  Our huge scale allows us to react at the drop of a hat and quickly help our customers out of a fix with our extremely short delivery times.  We also believe in agricultural perfectionism, guaranteed by our wide experience and deep knowledge of our product.  After all, the company began as a grower, right at the roots of farming.  And from these beginnings, our company is now bearing fruit … or in our case, vegetables.

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