Madihaa Co.

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importer of food​ industry​
Estb. in1980
Republic of Maldive
00 960 3323628

00 960 3323628
00 960 3313936

Since 1980 the root of Madihaa Company Pte Ltd for import & export started growing by Mr. Moosa Ahmed as a supplier of timber.

As a result of previous success Mr. & Mrs. Moosa Ahmed carried on the responsibility to develop business by establishing Madihaa Company Private limited.

Then, he expanded by fulfilling the Maldivian needs by importing and supplying all sort of building materials.

As company developed, we started searching for the needs of the Maldivian local market in the field of agricultural crops. In the final result was that our market was in need for some products such as Apple, Orange, Kiwi, Banana, Pear, Grapes, and Carrots…Etc.

We widen the market of the company in 1991 by starting imports of all varieties of Fresh fruits and vegetables from around the world wide.


The marketing plan may be the most important document a company possesses. It assembles in one place all the pertinent facts about a company, the market it serves, its products, and its competition and brings all these facts up-to-date. It sets specific goals and objectives to be attained and describes the precise strategies that will be used to achieve them. Thus it masters all the company's forces for the marketing battlefield.

At Madihaa Company Pte Ltd, we constantly strive to set new standards in excellence and quality in every sphere of our business. Ever since we began, we were committed to implementing optimal international standards across the board: in hygiene, shipping, local transportation and distribution. It is this dedication that helps us guarantee the highest quality that our consumers truly deserve. As a result of this unswerving commitment, Madihaa Company Pte Ltd today is well-reputed for its achievements
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