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Browse Latest News of Egypt from international media. We publish daily news from Egypt in English and Arabic Languages.

We are covering the latest news updates from local and international news sources. With the continuous and dramatic events taking place in the region and globally, it is paramount that the latest news are available on the spot. With this in mind, our team decided to do whatever it takes, to get the latest news updates all collected right in front of you. Whether local or international, politics or sports, English or Arabic, the latest news have been collected for you right here, at your very finger tips. You can follow our twitter tweets, subscribe to our daily newsletter or share the news with your friends on social networks to be up-to-the-minute with the world around you.

With the striking events taking place, we were keen on following news updates at all times to monitor the results of this uprising. Such events were not covered by Egyptian news sources only, but international news sources were also playing a major role covering the foreign public opinion. Egyptians and others may now follow-up Egyptian news instantly in the post-revolution era.

Year Founded: 2010

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