Mitmar Research Laboratory

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SSD Universal Solution Activator Black Powder HTZ machine
131 Timbercreek Blvd- U.S.A

Mitmar Research Laboratory, we are focused on providing  complete services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction We  will do everything we can to meet your expectations..

 Our speciality is anti-breeze notes, Machine and chemical designed to remove excess coated substance, machine universal work when combine with GAS and powder SSD A grade compared to other SSD component it more efficient and give a fast result, SSD supreme have the same effect and ability with Zuta s4, they all assist removing excess dye in your notes.

 We have available all kinds of powders with different effect on the note. for usage contact our lab we will advise you on the role of each of them and the efficacy, they are important on the note depending on how your note has been kept.

Products available TTZ Ultimate Solution Cleaner, SSD Universal Solutions Cleaner, Gastrox-Oxide HQ45, Humine Active/preservation Powder, SSD Crystal Pure Water,Blue/Black powder,UV Activator Conservation Powder. Feel free to email us for more details visit our website

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