TalariaX Pte Ltd

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Co. name: TalariaX Pte Ltd
Address  : 76 Playfair Road, #08-01 LHK2, Singapore
Tel./ Fax. : 65 68202881
Website  : www.talariax.com
Email       : ashok@talariax.com

Products / services 
 'sendQuick' brand of SMS Gateway Appliances for :

IT Alert Notifications (sendQuick Alert Plus) Alerts + Enterprise Messaging + Business Process & Third Party Application Integration (sendQuick Entera) Enterprise Messaging + Third party Application Integration (sendQuick Enterprise) Email - SMS Integration (sendQuick Communicatin)
2 Factor Authentication via SMS OTP (sendQuick Conexa) Network Monitoring (sendQuick Avera)

About the company 
SINGAPORE based Talariax Pte Ltd. leverages SMS technology to deliver cutting edge 'sendQuick' brand of gateway appliances for niche applications. 'sendQuick' is supported by channel partners across 20+ countries globally.

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